Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, I think my facial skin is not behaving itself. ): The eczema rashes (red and angry) are appearing on my face again! And the facial doesn't help. >:( stupid woman cheat my money. Actually, it helped drastically on the first facial I went to though, subsequently, the woman who helped me do my face the first time passed the job to one of her employees, and not that she isn't good, but she kept forgetting to use the oxygen thingy until the last time I went. But then again, the oxygen thingy wasn't effective this time round, and because she used some new product to make my face less dry, I think my face got worse now. ):

How now brown cow?

Any tips for eczema sufferers?

I've tried nearly anything. From...

1. Steroids cream/protopique by dermatologists. They heal and then come back again soon as I stop using. And 1 side of my face has veins showing already. >.<

2. TCM. Which made my face get worse because I'm apparently ALLERGIC to her cream although she kept denying.

3. BRT. It really kinda worked, but effect is fluctuating, and it's EXPENSIVE. Oh, did I mention that the above 2 are also very costly?

4. Facial. It worked very well on the first visit, but then, it's losing its effect already. >.< And it's not cheap either.

5. Using Shea Butter Raw, but I used it when I was on the TCM treatment, which didn't help either.

6. Using Rose Hip Oil, which a fellow eczema sufferer in Singapore suggested. But it didn't really calm my eczema down too.

7. A costly bottle of Emu Oil. Which itched when I put it on. Maybe because I didn't wash my face with cleanser then because I was afraid of allergy to the cleanser.

Ok. So now I'm waiting for my Mario Badescu's Control Cream (recommended for eczematic skin) to arrive from overseas? I'll let you know if it works.

Oh, and does anybody have personal experience of clearing eczema up with diamond water?

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  1. i strongly advice to consult a skin specialist for better and faster solution....