Friday, January 22, 2010

Ideal worm

This is well, my first post. First of all, I have to share with you my ambition. My ambition is to be a professional worm. How cool is that? I'm sure many people won't think about being a worm as a profession. But let me share with you, being a worm is actually not an easy task. In case you do not know what worms are, I'll share some pictures of them.

Ok, let me clear up the common misconceptions of being a worm first.

1. Worms are parasites. We feed on other people/ beings. But that is NOT true. Some worms aren't parasites, some of the worms do work! Like earthworms! Earthworms eat soil (and pass out soil almost instantaneously) so that plants can better breathe through all these small burrows.

2. Worms get to enjoy life because we are so nua. Wrong. Because being a worm constitutes of being nua all day, it takes skill to be nua! I mean, can you not do anything the whole day? No studying/no working and not playing?! Ok, the best part about being a worm is that we don't have to work or study. But no playing? That's completely boring! But professional worms do play la. Haha. And of course, they enjoy life too. XD

3. Where do worms get their food from if they don't work and are not parasites?! That's a real problem right? I mean, no work = no money = no food = cannot survive. If you say worms have no integrity and thus can cheat people's money because they have no backbone, you are wrong. Refer to point 4. So, point is, worms must be smart enough to earn kaching$$ without effort and without degrading morals.

4. As I said, although worms don't have backbones, most of them have a hard outer layer, aka exoskeleton. So you can take that as a worm can rely on itself ok, not have to lean on other things so that it will not bend and contort into different weird shapes that a worm shouldn't be able to contort into. But then again, worms have almost no shape they can't contort into.

Ok. Nuff crap said. Summary: to be a professional worm isn't a simple task at all, so the purpose of this blog is to teach how one can be a professional worm. That's all. It will include things like how to enjoy oneself with simple pleasures like eating and shopping, and spending quality time with treasured people, and how to earn kaching, lots and lots of kaching $$ without too much effort, so that we can be the IDEAL worm.

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