Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eau De Senteur Perfume

So yea, I know I've been MIA for quite a while because I've been quite busy with school. It was a crazy week last week. On tuesday, I had my first full day lab session. It was a horror. I ate my lunch in 10 minutes. >.< And I broke 1 round bottom flask. >.< My first time breaking a glassware in the science lab. Oh the horror. I think it was because I finihsed my experiment and everything at around 5+pm and the lab people were preparing to keep their stuff and go back home already, but then, because we were so kan chiong, they switched off the lights already, and we were rushing about keeping the glassware when many glasswares were broken. I swept the broken pieces of my glassware up and proceeded to keep the rest of the apparatus with care. ): Oh wells. I need to work on being a professional worm.

Anyway, recently I participated in a giveaway on vivawoman's blog. And I got myself a Hello Kitty Eau De Senteur Parfum. Meaning a perfume without alcohol! As I have eczema (it's a sad story.) I can't use anything with harsh chemicals, so I decided to try my luck in winning this, and I got it! So this is the picture of the perfume. :D

I love how it's like pink. And has the cute hello kitty imprinted on it. Gosh. Cute TTM. <3 And the smell isn't too strong. I like it that way! :D Maybe going to wear it on the first day of chinese new year! Excited!

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